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What Is 3% Of Idaho?

Probably the one question we get asked the most is “What is 3% of Idaho?”

You wouldn’t think that would be that difficult to answer would you? Trust me when I say we didn’t either!

Where the biggest issue comes into play is with regard to the traditional view of “What is 3%” when combined with what many assume a 3%’er is.

So many these days automatically associate “militia” with 3%’er which is understandable but not totally accurate and when you add in that many who claim to be 3%’ers can actually be close to (at the least) a domestic terrorist. So much of the perception boils down to do you find yourself thinking of ways to defend yourself and your family should the government attempt to overstep their authority or do you think of ways to actually be the aggressor in hopes of derailing those powers that be and their efforts you may deem as overreach.

Here at 3% of Idaho we fall into the first group … but we have had a tough time saying it in such a way it’s easily understood. Why, exactly, that’s been the case has eluded us for quite some time. However, we recent were made aware of an article published by a fellow patriot and when we read it we couldn’t help but stand up and yell … “THAT’S IT!

That said … here we have that article, in it’s entirety, unedited, and reproduced with the permission of the author. We hope that #1 you find this clears up any questions you may have and #2 you find it aligns with your personal views on what is needed in these confusing times. If it doesn’t … that’s ok, let’s part friends and best wishes to you in your efforts.

That said … here’s is the article: http://shtfjournal.com/current-affairs/stop-waiting-shot-heard-round-world/

Stop Waiting for “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” (Courtesy of SHTF Journal)
I feel like I’ve been screaming about everyone getting active and participating in trying to take our nation back for years. I’ve been saying that everyone should be prepared, trained, and ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that the foundation in which this nation was created is brought back and that the American Way of life replaces the socialist BS that has come to be our reality. Yet, for all my arguments and screaming, it seems that little has been done even among those who read this publication and I think I’ve figured out why. Everyone is waiting for a single action by our government that will motivate the country into mobilizing and resisting. They are waiting for our day’s “Shot heard ’round the world.” I’ve got something to tell you, it ain’t coming.

Many of you have told me that you are standing by and waiting for the time when it becomes necessary to “do something.” You tell me that when that time comes that you are able and willing to put yourself into the fight, but what you don’t understand is that the people who have hijacked our government and our country are smarter than that. They understand that bold action and overt aggression on a large scale will mobilize the people into action and they will never do that (though, I think they’re giving us too much credit). They understand that a death by a thousand cuts is just as effective as a bullet to the head. Even though our country is run by people who don’t have the best interest of the people at heart (a massive understatement I know), they are not stupid. It might seem that their actions are idiotic, but these are some of the smartest human beings in this nation and even though they are using their intelligence for their own ends, that does not make them stupid by any stretch of the term. These people are students of history and they know that the best way to strip away liberty and give themselves more power is to do it slowly and gradually while numbing the people to what is happening. They are apt pupils and they are winning. In some ways, I believe that they have already won.

I was sitting one day with a friend of mine having a discussion about what we thought it would take to make an average American rise up and resist or even potentially fight against the tyranny that is washing over our nation. After many hours of discussion (and more than a couple beers) we came to the conclusion that there is nothing that the government can do to the people which would cause rebellion in mass. I truly believe that even if the government started interning groups of people, the average American wouldn’t give a crap as long as they had their cable TV, the NFL, and shopping. Even in the Liberty movement, the majority of us are more concerned with paying our bills and living our lives that we can’t be bothered to even attend a simple rally or try to wake up our neighbors. We sit behind a keyboard and we complain about Barack Obama and the state of our union and we say that we are going to wait and we will be ready when the time comes. I have something to tell you my brothers and sisters, the time is now. I feel like a broken record saying that you must do something. I am NOT saying to take up arms (yet) and to start fighting. I am merely saying to get motivated and do anything even if it’s something as simple as talking to your friends and neighbors about this stuff or going to a rally. Anything is better than sitting behind a computer and complaining.

If you would indulge me, I would request for every one of you to do something simple for me. It is a simple act which requires minimal effort and resources on your part. You will still be able to go and watch prime-time TV and do your last minute Christmas shopping, but if every single person who reads this article does this, we will have made a difference and maybe, just maybe, the people will follow and we can start the long battle back to where we need to be. Are you ready? Please stand up, move away from your computer or put down your phone, and tell a friend who you know is not awake and try to convince them of the truth. Do not tell them conspiracy theories or rant and rave, but focus on exposing them to the things that can be proven by the mainstream media. Connect the dots for them by showing them how the Department of Homeland Security is buying up ammo and that a militarized police is meant to protect the government from us. Explain to them how the Bill of Rights has been stripped away and is barely even the law of the land. Show and explain to them what the Patriot Act really means. Prove to them that the Founding Fathers valued freedom over safety. Nothing that you say will be able to be refuted as long as you use history and facts. Maybe they will be able to see the truth behind the curtain (or maybe not) and maybe they will do the same for a friend of theirs.

There is a lot of anger and a lot of disgust at what is happening at all levels of government but I have seen very little in the form of action as evident with almost every single rally and protest that I’ve been to over the last several years. For God’s sake, please my brothers and sisters, The Republic needs you to do more than complain. It needs you to stop waiting and to start acting. God bless you all and God bless the Republic.

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